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Expunging Criminal Records in Denver, CO

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Michael T. Kossen, P.C., the founder of Colorado Record Sealing, has been providing criminal legal service and expungement of criminal records in Colorado since 1991. Michael T. Kossen P.C. is here to provide everyone throughout Colorado legal advice and trial and appellate level representation for individuals accused of criminal offenses and traffic violations across Colorado.

Have you been in trouble on a possession charge?

Do you believe you’ve paid for certain crimes and then some? Is there a certain job opportunity you can’t obtain because of past troubles? Maybe you just want a clean slate and feel you deserve to have your records expunged for your own peace of mind? Everyone makes mistakes in life. Everyone is also capable of great changes. Unfortunately, for some of us, those past mistakes in life can become a blight on your records that will certainly affect your future, and your ability to provide for yourself or family.

Maybe your son or daughter was caught with alcohol or marijuana as a minor?

Kids can make mistakes as well. Your son or daughter should not have to suffer not getting into the college of their dreams or getting their first job opportunity because of a mistake they made due to peer pressure, or a lack in judgement.

That is where Michael T. Kossen, P.C. comes in. He can assist you with expunging any criminal records related to prior possession of alcohol or marijuana charges, drug convictions, petty offense convictions, and assist in filing a petition for removal from the sex offender registry. Give Michael T. Kossen, P.C. a call at (720) 370-5984.

Do not attempt to represent yourself and jeopardize your rights and freedom. Contact Michael T. Kossen, P.C. if you need an experienced trial attorney from your community.

Find out if you qualify for expungement or record sealing.

Expunging Criminal Records in Denver, CO

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