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Expunging & Sealing Criminal Records since 1991

We’re Here to Provide the Legal Service You Need in Denver, CO

At Colorado Record Sealing, we’re firm believers that you shouldn’t be defined by your past mistakes. Unfortunately, public records can follow you everywhere, making it difficult to move on after you’ve been convicted of a crime. The founder of Colorado Record Sealing, Michael T. Kossen, is here to help you put your past behind you for good by expunging or sealing your criminal record in Denver, CO and throughout the state. We have extensive experience in this process and help you toward a successful outcome. Please reach out to us today to discuss the specifics of your prior charges or convictions and learn how we can help. Call us today for a consultation.

Who We Are

Michael T. Kossen, P.C. and the team at Colorado Record Sealing are a law office committed to helping clients put their past criminal charges behind them. We’ve successfully helped clients in the sealing of drug convictions and sex offender registry removal. We know how much past convictions can hinder your ability to obtain housing and employment, which is why we strive to get a positive outcome for every client. Our team can serve clients in Douglas, Elbert, and Arapahoe County.

Our History

Our founder, Michael T. Kossen, is a Colorado native. He graduated from Cherry Creek High School before moving to Holland Michigan to complete his undergraduate studies at Hope College. After receiving an undergraduate degree, he continued his education at the University of Denver, School of Law. In 1993, he established his own law office in Douglas County, Colorado to begin helping people with criminal cases.

What We Do

At Colorado Record Sealing, our area of interest is the sealing and expunging of records for clients with past charges. However, we can also provide trial and appellate level representation for clients accused of criminal offenses and traffic violations. Our team is here to assist you with both. We know that previous charges and convictions can follow you around like a shadow, putting a damper on the new life you try to build. We’re here to eliminate the shadow so you can get on with your life. We can represent clients in the sealing and expungement of:

  • Arrest & Criminal Records: If a past arrest or criminal charge is affecting your life, our team can work to seal your record, so you can move on from the past.
  • Criminal Conviction Records: A criminal conviction on your record can automatically disqualify you from certain opportunities, making it hard for you to build a new life. We can help you seal or expunge these records so you can start with a clean slate.
  • Juvenile Arrest and Criminal Records: Unfortunately, mistakes from your youth can affect you long into adulthood, even if you’ve moved on from that part of your life. We can help seal your juvenile records, so they don’t affect your success as an adult.
  • Petition for Removal from the Sex Offender Registry: Many past sex offenders are forced to register for life, hindering their ability to get a job or find a home. If you’re tired of this practice, you may qualify to petition the court to have your name removed from the registry. We can help you through this process.
  • Drug Convictions: If you have past drug charges, they can follow you through life, even after you’ve long overcome your problem. Our team can help seal or expunge your record so you can have a fresh start.
  • Municipal and Petty Offense Convictions: Even minor convictions can affect your life for years. Our team is here to help expunge past petty offense convictions or seal your records, so you no longer have to worry about your past interfering with your future.
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana: Don’t allow the mistakes you made in your younger days to affect the rest of your life. With our help, you can seal or expunge your minor record of alcohol or marijuana possession

Why Choose Us?

When legal matters are concerned, you want to be sure you choose an experienced lawyer to handle your case. Michael T. Kossen and the team at Colorado Record Sealing are here to represent you in a variety of legal matters. We’re an excellent choice due to our experience and special expertise in record sealing and expunging of records. Michael T. Kossen has experience handling appellate cases in the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court. He also has the expertise and special interest not only in cases involving the sealing and expungement of criminal records, but also in DWI/DUI and traffic violations, driver’s license issues, domestic violence charges, as well as a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in learning more about how Michael T. Kossen and Colorado Record Sealing can help you put your past charges to rest and move on to the future, please reach out to our team today. It’s important that you not attempt to represent yourself, as this could jeopardize your rights and freedom. Instead, hire an experienced trial attorney from your community to be on your side in legal matters. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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